What is in a name?

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A tribute The name of my Entertainment Production Company, "Sky-King" Entertainment is a tribute to my father, Sherman Frank Childers. My Father was a wonderful, supportive, loving and sometimes, quite stern, man. He was a p-51 Mustang pilot, who flew during WWII over the European skies, taking photos solo, as reconnaissance for the military. It was during WWII, that he met my amazing Mother, Sabina McCall. She was a dancer for the USO. They met, fell in love, and the rest is history. Later in life, my Father became a pilot for Pan American airlines. When I was a boy I was lucky enough to get to sit with him in the cockpit, from takeoff to landing, in a 747. I couldn't have been more proud. It was during his time with Pan Am that his CB handle "Sky King" would forever live within me. It's name echoing a brave, talented and amazingly loving man. I knew as a kid, that one day I would take on that name. It came to me that naming my Production company "Sky-King" was the perfect choice. "Sky-King" to me, represents strength, courage, honesty and raw talent. Traits my Father had, and values that Sky-King Entertainment holds true in all aspects of work in show business.

Since my performing career was in effect, a living legacy to my Mother Sabina, I felt it necessary to pay tribute to my wonderful Dad and name my company, Sky-King Entertainment. He was a true "king" in the skies above, and I know that my Dad continues to watch me, guide me and support me from the skies above.