Sky-King Entertainment is a forward thinking, innovative entertainment production company, utilizing a vast pool of the very best creative minds and talents from around the world. Sky-Kingʼs mission and vision is to touch the human heart and spirit, and perhaps even bring back a happy childhood memory through visual artistry. Theater is a sacred, wonderful space and we will always strive to showcase amazing theatrical journeys that will thrill, astound, awe and inspire the human experience. Our main goal: to make “time stand still”, if only for a moment in the theater, so that people are able to lose themselves and be transformed to someplace otherworldly.


Because we stand behind our product! We believe in passion, drive and artistic exchange. We are not a “closed door” creative team. We think and work with an open mind and spirit, knowing that a small suggestion or idea from a client or associate can help us all achieve something bigger than ourselves. It is our intent with our work to create special memories and connections with people that will last a lifetime. Positive and energetic exchanges with our clients and work associates helps us to better ourselves as artists, while simultaneously funneling thoughts and artistic expression into the same creative realm.